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May 2024 Newsletter Thumbnail

May 2024 Newsletter

Geopolitical tensions in the Middle East along with the ongoing invasion of Ukraine in Europe, is escalating defensive positioning in the markets as funds are being diverted to less volatile asset classes. Domestic and international equity indices retracted in April, as markets reacted to the tensive environment.

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April 2024 Newsletter Thumbnail

April 2024 Newsletter

A stronger then anticipated jobs report reduced chances of a Fed rate cut in June as projected by analysts. Strong labor dynamics tend to foster underlying inflation for longer periods of time, thus influencing the Fed’s decision on rate decreases. Yields on shorter term U.S. Treasury bonds rose in March as expectations for a spring or summer Fed rate cut dissipated.

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March 2024 Newsletter Thumbnail

March 2024 Newsletter

The Federal Reserve decided to leave rates unchanged in February, igniting concerns among the financial markets that interest rates may not fall as soon as many had expected. Larger than anticipated inflation data and resilient employment is deterring the Fed from lowering rates too soon.

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February 2024 Newsletter Thumbnail

February 2024 Newsletter

Financial markets started the year off with an eye on earnings, the upcoming election, and developments in the Middle East and Ukraine. Markets are eagerly awaiting for the Fed to finally commence its rate reduction trajectory. Analysts vary on when it will happen, but are expecting that decreases will start before the middle of the year.

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January 2024 Newsletter Thumbnail

January 2024 Newsletter

This past year witnessed one of the most ambitious executions of interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve in recent history, with rates rising four times in 2023. Optimism swarmed throughout the markets as equities and bonds rose in a rare convergence. Stocks and bonds have historically tended to drift in opposite directions.

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December 2023 Newsletter Thumbnail

December 2023 Newsletter

Global markets shifted positively in November as the Federal Reserve signaled that further rate hikes were less likely as economic conditions and inflation cooled. Stocks and bonds both advanced in November, following the expectations that the Fed may be on track to finalize its rate increase initiatives. Various fixed-income analysts even project interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve as early as March 2024.

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