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A Dynamic Approach to
Index-Focused Investing

Recognize these...?

Sure, we will apply these concepts to your portfolio. We will also apply a common sense approach that considers real-time data and our experienced judgement about markets and how they interact in the moment, looking forward and looking backward.

Image result for Return vs. Risk; J-Curve Chart

J-Curve & Portfolio Optimization

The Randomness of Yearly Returns by Asset Class

Image result for Asset Allocation Pyramid

The Most Important Decision

We like ETFs. No, we LOVE ETFs.

We like them so much that we built our entire portfolio strategy around using ETFs, whenever possible, to build the base of the portfolios we manage for clients. We like to say we actively manage passive strategies. But if you think all ETFs are passive, you would be mistaken. Furthermore, it’s the combining of these ETFs that really matters. This goes back to those fun charts we just referenced above.  If the most important decision you can make in building a portfolio is in the asset allocation decision, why wouldn’t you use ETFs? 

It is a lay up investment vehicle and well-suited to creating an institutional quality portfolio (like those guys at Harvard and Yale) and with greater tax efficiency and at very low cost to you.